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2020 Consistory Members

The Consistory serves as the governing body of the church.

Meetings are held the 2nd Monday of each month at 7:00PM in the church Social Hall.

All are welcome to attend.

2020 Church Officers:


President - Kathy Heckman

1st Vice President - June McCracken

2nd Vice President - Kelly Frankenfield

Secretary - Barbara Kautzman

Treasurer - Bobbie Rudolph

Financial Secretary - Leslie Bartholomew

2020 Consistory Members:



  • Kelly Frankenfield

  • Kathy Heckman

  • Lenore Kohl

  • June McCracken



  • Mark Bellesfield

  • Karen Christman

  • Jeff Heckman

  • Barbara Kautzman

  • Terry Sandt

  • Karen Schmoyer

  • Sabrina Welty

  • Patti Wight


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